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Kingsland Massage - Amy Lescoe-Hall, L.M.T. & Owner

We are proud to be located in the Railroad Historic District in Kingsland, TX.  The railroad was brought to the area in 1892 by the Austin and Northwestern Railroad.  They built a bridge over the Colorado river and a Depot in Kingsland. 

Today, the Kingsland Massage is literally located next to the railroad tracks themselves.  They run on the right side of our building in between ours and the Grand Central Cafe.  We liked the idea of being a part of the same complex as the Grand Central Cafe and of the Antler's Inn.  The Antler's Inn offers Railroad Cars that have been converted to rooms for you to rent and stay the night in.  Our three businesses like to keep the history of the area alive by honoring the past.

Grand Central Cafe, to the Right of Kingsland Massage-Depot, and to the Left of Antlers HotelCOUPON: Enjoy a meal at the Grand Central Cafe and bring your receipt over to the Kingsland Massage
for a 10% savings off of our regular prices.  Receipt must be from a meal within the last 10 days.

ALSO: You can take your receipt from your sessions at the Kingsland Massage in to the Grand Central Cafe, for a 10% discount off of your next meal.  Receipt must be from a service within the last 10 days.

CLICK HERE To go to the Antlers Hotel Website (www.TheAntlers.com) and learn more about the History of the area, as well as the Antlers Hotel and Grand Central Cafe.  Both can also be found on Facebook:

Antlers Hotel, to the Right of Grand Central Cafe

You can also connect with us through our Facebook page at:

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